"I never worry about the future, it comes soon enough"
-Albert Einstein

Still left with 53000min | 883 hr | 25weekdays | 36.8days | 5.3weeks | 1.2months | 0.1 years to the GP Alvl paper.

and left with 83654min | 1394 hr | 40weekdays | 58.1days | 8.3weeks | 1.9 months | 0.2 years to the last paper of A lvl.


I m not fully prepared, but I m ready for the A lvl. :)


Hey onion, happy 18th birthday. This yr is really like a strange. For me and for everyone. Everyone is going their separate ways after O lvl. Sad to accept this fact but what is lucky enough is tat our friendship never fades.

👉1. May All your wishes come true
👉2. Can Successfully lose weight
👉3. Study No.1 
👉4. Have nice food to enjoy. But…see no 2.
👉5. Infinity wishes for u. ^^

i really missed the time when we spent all our times tgt. Whatever i want to say, in the video has been mentioned by the others. I m trying to cut it short, but i think i m writing longer n longer rubbish.

I really really have to thank you for everything. Being classmates for 4yrs in sec, really went through those crazy times tgt.
And we even quarreled once. But the next day, we sat down and have a nice talk and settle the matter.

Trying to find ur photos from your facebook. Thn i see sooo many those old photos (some i couldn’t even recognise myself 😂) thn i realise, when u are around, how many “wonderful”“awkward”“epic”moments you have taken down. Without you now, our photograph has reduced tremendously hahahha. Thank you for being our camera man cong! You are missed. 😂😂😂

Juz kidding.

Main reason making me missing you so much right now is the unique character you are holding. I missed those times when you are straightforward and list out all those things that (shouldn’t meant to be said, but well… those times we had much jokes.

And thn some silly stuff that we did tgt. KtV times, pooling, bowling…. etc.

Remember, i haven’t visit malaysia yet!!! Hahahha…. may be this yr when i finished my A lvl, and u r back from Australia, thn u come fetch us, and we go as a clique to malaysia. ^^
🚨Take good care of yourself in Aus. Come back during holi and reunite! 🙆

🚨JIA YOU alright ^^

🚨really miss the time we hang out as a clique.


I m really speechless when i know that Melbourne is 3hr faster thn in s’pore. :(

Sry for not making the video a really good one. I just ended my prelim 2 on wed @abt5pm
Thn only start making this video in a rush. I am so sry bro. :(

AND!! I m really sry sry for Kang jing!!! I dont know why, i deleted his WA msg unconsciously! When i wanted to type it out, i realise msg gone, i DELETED IT, DK when. :(*😢😢

May be when he text me again, i ll add in to the video again. :D

#sry thur (later) i m going out that’s why needs to do this now :)

#pls praise us. 😋😋

#meatball #CCSMS *fightingonion*^^

Mentally support u here. :D


So here is a ramdom post…abt me…

👉I m 19 this yr. Born on 12/04/95.
🚨🚨WISH LIST for 2015🔫🔫
□new balance shoe
□sports bra
□portable charger
□a black handbag(big enough to put A4 or slightly bigger)
□a black high heel
□wallet (😢😢, i miss my lost wallet now! Damn, heart pain)

*my dear friends:knowing wat to buy for me in 2015? 😏😏 share cost share cost okie. 😂😂
👉163cm tall   
👉48kg, but gained 4kg in 2weeks in july becos i ate bread, so i m now 52 kg.

💄I m a drama person:
Tend to think alot, especially at night
Dont ever come and teach me how to do, and what to do, i m responsible for what ever the shit i m going to face. So keep your saliva for others.
I only need the advice frm my friend. Others just shush. And i m hot tempered some times, when i dont have the patient with someone, i ll just walk off. Cos lazy to quarrel or shout.

💄I m not a confident person:
like seriously, i tent to ask alot of my friends, how do they think about me, and i always hope to get as honours feedbacks as i could from them, recently chatting with XD, and i guess he really make those points very sharp, saying those points he mentioned are not hurtful, that must be lying, but i think i needs those answers. Friends are my best mirror, i always believe in this, and they are the one who can somehow tell me who i am, and if they wan me to improve, they will point out where is my weakness and bad points, and then hoping me to change.

When i m sad, i really dont wanna show infront of my loved ones, becos thats the weakest side of me. Sometimes, i go to the toilet, and hide myself, when i get my emotions calmed down, then i ll come out or i sometimes i just wanted to get some alone time for myself to cool down.

Late at night, i usually watch sad commercials, thn make myself teared. I dont know why, i feels relax while crying out.
I used to do those daring stuff, such as catching snake, flying cockroach, dragonflies, frogs with bros etc, like a tomboy back then, the older i grow, the less daring i am. (I think so).


☆dancing &singing
☆reading books/articles related to life
☆using social media
-China twitter:Weibo
-4 twitter accounts
-5 instagram accounts
-ask.fm (asked 7 qn in total i guess )
-4 china QQ acct
☆window shopping
☆stalking hot guys on inst “new hobby in 2014”
☆update blog/tumblr


Randomly say hi and smile to ppl, embarrassed myself in public, being judged by ppl….etc… all fine… as long as i happy… 😂

For 2015. Msg
I ll be better. Always will.
Stay strong, be strong, to face the future, face every possible storm that’s coming. :)

Sometimes i wish i could be as crazy as i want, but thn i realise, it’s hard when u r the only one being crazy. “Heh, why u judge me” heck care ppl.
Looking through sec album ystd, thn i find all these, some of the photos i really couldnt recognise myself 😂
Credit all these photos to @limcong who is in Melbourne now. All the best onion :)