there are sooo many photos that I want to choose and upload! But Bloggers failed me… all the long thing I typed failed me… :( I m sad… but today is your big day!!! My dear Ah choi! SO I decided to forgive blogger and! Happy birthday!!!

Looking back through sec sch photos! I think we were just too crazy back thn! Look so innocent! So crazy! I m really amazed by myself that! I have totally no image back thn in sec sch, I was face palming myself! 😯 OMG! (Okie, may be now still has no image at all! But yeah! I guess better? If not I can cry cry alr! 😢 :(( )
Remember the Lion home CIP we do tgt? Remember the international student trip? Remember the speech day performance? Sonore V & VI? Remember the ms chita wedding reception? Etc etc etc!!! So many occasions! So many memories you left for me in my life! How would I forget a such important person like you in my life! Thank you choi for all the wonderful moments in my life! Thank you girl for take good care of my feeling and always try to cheer me up…( say smth I Like! And make me happpy! ) and also thanks for always teach me how to handle my problems and etc! I m really really thankful of you for appearing in mylife!
Girl, study hard hard and take good care of your health okie! Remember back thn in secondary we were the health ambassador in sch? So much take good care of ur health okie!! 😉
Every yr, we were able to celebrate smth tgt! Be it mini or “giant” celeb, we ll stick tgt, how strange it is to be not with u for this special date this yr! However I truly believe that you will definitely enjoyed today as well becos your fam are with you! And of cos with your dear sister!!! So enjoy your day to the fullest okie!!

Do update us frenquently of whats hapoening around you okie! Jia you jia you and fighting! I ll also try to do well for my A and work hard hard to earn $$ and fly to korea to visit you soon!
Lets work hard tgt okie!!! DISTANCE WILL NEVER DRIFT US APART! BECOS I KNOW THAT WE ARE NOW PERSUING OUR DREAMS AND GOALS THROUGH DIFFERENT PATH! IN THE END WE ARE STILL GOING TO MEET EACH OTHER! Till thn all will be smarter, wiser, prittier! And of cos stronger!!! Sooo girl! Lets wait for that day to come! Sitting down in caffe and chit chat all along okie!!! ^^





I don’t even know what to do anymore. I’m invisible & numb.


I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be negative. I just don’t have anyone to talk to. So much crap is going on & my brain doesn’t know what to do with it all.

Frankly speaking, I still can’t let go, either can I face you normally and treat you as a friend. Its just sick of thinking of anything related to you. #mybad #moodswing is just…


When ur little social space was filled by someone’s name, you would realise how important that person means to you, because most of the time u are thinking and writing down every moments tgt. #while on the other hand i wonders the significance of me in your life.

On the other hand, feel really great that napfa is cleared! 😍🙆👩

I was thinking to blame no one, but I really couldnt resist! How can a shop with so many brunches soooo inflexible?!! They cant help to call the other brunch for stock, they cant help to check what is the duration for the exchange…emmm… what else can I expect? 😡 Thanks for telling me that AMK and woodland isnt too far apart, but it seems far when I live in woodland pls. 😒

Okie. Nvm. Its over. #badmoodstill

Night walk with grandparents 👴🙆👩

Frm Adm mrt —-> woodland Mrt—-> innova College —-> woodlands Primary —-> 888plaza —->home
approximaly 2hr slow walk with my grandparents! ^^ love them. :))

Memories flashed across my mind while had the night walk with my grnadparents tonight
Remember how my pri sch life was back then.
When we live in TPY last time but the sch is at woodland, my grandpa brought 3 of us to woodland pri everyday and thn self loitered aroud the sch till we ends our sch and bring us back to TPY! He dont want to go back home first becos he scared we ll get worried when he was not there to pick us up.
things get better when my family moved to adm, so that my grandparents dont hav to wait outside the sch! However things also not easy for them, when we hav tuition (CDAC) in sch at night, they always bring the home cooked food to sch for us, cos sch doesnt seel anyfood at night. :) recalling back, I really feel like tearing. While we are young, 3 of us were just so dependent on them, now we have growed up, somehow things changed, they depend on us more and really would want us to have the attention on them.

4/04 (thur) they reached spore, I promised my grandpa to bring him to take a look around my JC, becos he dont know where is it, he just gets so excited and say “okie okie okie”. However the next day I woke up late, didnt intent to make him rush to sch with me, I requested to bring them to take a look where is my sch on sat morning since I have to go back for heats, however,same thing happened again. I hav no choice but to tell them, I ll bring them on mon then… feel guilty and sad, I decided to bring them for a walk immediately tonight instead of postpone it everytime.

When they walk frm adm to woodlands mrt, my grandpa just seems so excited, he walked ahead my grandma and me, leading the way, and told me how was spore looks like last time when he was in spore, and how it changed over the past one yr. I m amazed by his good memory. :) once upon reached innova, they were so curious with my school’s name and keep looking at the chinese title. ^^ 星初。
Thn we went to the koppitiam behind the sch. And lead ourway to woodlands Pri sch! Which all the young memories flashed across! Really feel blessed to hav them!

Reached a new built playgroud near by our home. My parents seem so enjoyed with the new facilities! To me now, they are just like the kids, who wants attention frm us , I m really glad that they are so happy just like they are little childrens.

At first I m so happy that they were in spore, but I forgot to ask how long can they be in spore? With the health condition my grandparents are in now, its really nit a good idea to let them stay in spore, esp when all of us don hv the time to look after them, (parents go for work, we go for study, mon to fri they hav no companions). :(
On the one side I hope that they should go back china and take good care of themselves where my aunts hav the time to take care of them. On the other hand, I selfish—-ly wished that, they could sty in spore forever with us. :( I just couldnt bear with the thought that they live alone in china when all of us are in sinpagore :(

No matter what; I just wish the best for them! To stay healthy, cute and awesome!

I really wants to spend more time with you two. How I wish the time could just stop here… :( dear grandparents! Love you two. ^^

I’m 19!!! Thank you friends ♡

I m really thankful to hav all these bunch of good friends around me! Before my birthday ends, i would like to thank all these ppl! To the pluto and back!

First group of ppl I would like to thank of!
Wang min, lin shan, tong tong, season, samuel, zheng yi, hung, and johann!
Thanks for the early advance birthday celebration for me. Make me do those19 missions becos I m 19 yrs old this yr. (I m legal one yrs ago, but still hav to say, yeah, I m 19!)
I m really glad to hav all of you in my life…
@wangminn the special annoying one but qt-pie most of the time. Thank you for always being there! Tahan all my nonsense text and my mood swing most of the time. (Sad for her..) hahah… thank you for planning this w shan and tong, thank you for brining all my love ones tgt! ^^ *hug hug*

@wu_lin_shan @litongtong96 &@samuelni thank you girls and guy for being there depite the long day of work and stuff! Shan, tong, min, @hyeminmonica is there with us right! ^^ (we reserved a seat for you!!-to hyemin, you ll always be in our heart, no matter where are you!) Sam, thank you for the piano music video. Appreciates it alot! Still got next part waiting!

@seasonhuizi hi the most sexy girl, thank you for coming down after your A div, I m really glad to hav you now! Pls tahan my moodswing for sometimes, cos I just willl…. moodswing„..hahah psps.. I m glad to hav u now with me!!! :P ♡

@johann @hung & @zhengyiiii thank you my council mates and senior. Hung for companying me though out the 19 missions, make sure I did all of them and add on to an additional one which is standing in the rain for 5sec, I ll get the revenge back soon. Johann for holding the balloon for 15min at cwp and waiting for my sec friend (shan & tong)! Haha . And zheng yi, for intend to smash the cake onto my face, always the annoying one, hahaha. Thank you loads really loads ppl!

There are just too many thing I wants to mention, so hope I did in those individual texts for you ppl! :D

Thank you all for this wonderful 19 yr old celebration. Definitely a wonderful one for me!

2nd group which is my crazy girl group, although we are not crazy at all when tgt, but always never fail to laugh when our conversation goes too far reach for us to understand… thank you chwee ying, yu jun, rui en,lorena and li lan, thank you girls for the present and thank you girls for the wonderful companions in JC and tahan my burden-ness…:(( I hope I mentioned clearly in my msg that I really loves you girls loads, cos you girls are just so unique, and so fun to be with! We share hang out more and chit chat more! Of cos li lan and rui en, dont “argue” anymore okie!!! If not the conversation will make us couldnt finish our food! Hahhaa…

3rd group is my bball mates, yu shan plus all the guys! Thank you all for always addressing me n yushan as china, (make me feel proud but pls dont any more lah. :( hahah. ) thank you all for always make me laugh! And bring joy to me! Sad that thus yr didnt manage to play bball w you ppl, but I hope that our friendship remains forever! ^^

4th group to those who texted me and wished me happy birthday!

My 4e1 sec classmates, you guys are simply so awesome that I feel so lucky to be in this class! Stay awesome everyone!

@keryang! Thank you for the one whole afternoon companions! Thank you for the present too. So uncle, pls remember to take your key and ear piece okie! ^^

@javis! Always my bro! Thank you for listening to my complains and thank you for “watch me cry” ^^ truely appreciates that you r there for me. :)

@cllclassmates you girls are simply awesome! Exclude jun ren! Hahaha…

@junren 老爸,thank you for always being there and give me tips! I m really thanful to hav you to let me “bully”, but u are so fierce, but u promised me you wont anymore hahaha!

xholdheavyheartx thank you girl for always texting with me! I know you knows the best feeling I feel in my heart! I hope that both of us can score well n get into a uni that we always want to achieve for! Stay happy forever. And truly! Thank you really really alot for always ask me am I okie. :D love you girl…

I havent managed to check others’ text and didnt manage to reply back some…

But all in all! I m really glad to hav all of the friends and teachers around me! Remember that I really really loves loves every single one of you!

(Sry for the roughly roughly txt here, I ll text you guys individually or in a group soon…:) )


I m really blessed to have all of you! 🙆😙😊